Checking Windshield Wiper Fluid and Choosing The Right Type

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Windshield wiper fluid may seem, on the surface, to be among the less important fluids in a car's working systems. Unlike transmission fluid, it is not vital to the smooth operation of the vehicle. Unlike brake fluid it is not immediately relevant to the safe driving of the car, and unlike engine oil it does not affect the inner workings of the most important parts of the car, yet it would be unwise to ignore it's importance.

If we are to compare vehicular fluids to human bodily fluids, then imagine for a moment that you had no tear ducts. Simply opening and closing your eyes would be agony. The merest speck of dust would blind you for an indefinite period. If you have no windshield wiper fluid, visibility will become an issue very quickly.

It should therefore be quite clear how important it is to have your windshield wiper fluid topped up to the correct level as regularly as you can. During rainstorms, you will need the wipers to keep your windshield clear, and when the harsh weather has ceased you will find that there are residual stains which the wipers are uniquely equipped to remove. Just as bad are the situations when a bird has done what comes naturally on your windscreen, or some other animal or human has befouled the glass in one way or another. For these eventualities, the windscreen wipers and their associated fluid are absolutely vital. The following step by step guide should come in useful when checking your levels.

· Check the owner's manual for the car to locate the fluid reservoir.

· Find the windshield wiper fluid, and create a mixture with water.

· Prop up the hood of the car, locate the reservoir and check the levels.

· If the fluid is at the right level, then you are done!

· If the fluid needs topping up, remove the cap for the reservoir.

· Add the fluid up to the fill level indicated.

· Put the cap back on, close the hood and there you are - job done.

This is one of the more simple processes of keeping a vehicle up to scratch but it may be one of the more vital depending on where and when you need to drive. Keeping a clean windshield is something that not everyone is prepared to admit is a major part of driving - but the truth is that a dirty windshield can be distracting as well as making it difficult to judge stopping distances and even potentially causing blind spots.

Keeping a close eye on the wiper fluid levels, and using the right kind of fluid as well, are vital elements of vehicle maintenance. In winter, if you live somewhere that is prone to sub-freezing temperatures, it is important to make sure your wiper fluid is combined with an anti-freeze ingredient so as not to have problems in cold weather. It may seem like such a small part of running a car, but it will seem much bigger when you need it and do not have it.

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Checking Windshield Wiper Fluid and Choosing The Right Type

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This article was published on 2010/03/30