Checking Your Fluid Levels Key To Good Maintenance Says Interstate Ford Pros

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There are several things to consider for proper maintenance of your vehicle but one the key elements to keep tabs on is the fluid levels in your Interstate Ford. It's a relatively easy task to take on and important for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Understanding how many fluids your Ford vehicle holds is a good place to start. Here is a list of what fluids you should be concerned with and some details on proper maintenance tips:

Engine Oil – you should run your vehicle before checking your oil to take the most accurate reading on the dipstick. Wipe the stick with a rag and check the levels as indicated on the stick. If you are showing low levels, you'll need to add oil a quart at a time and then recheck. Change your oil per the mileage recommendation of the manufacturer to ensure proper performance.

Transmission Fluids – Check this fluid on automatic vehicles while the engine is still running. Use the dipstick for the transmission fluid. If your fluid levels are low, it means you likely have a leak in the transmission system. Normally the flued should be a reddish color. If it appears dark, it is time for a change. For manual transmissions, turn off the vehicle before checking. Like automatic, change in fluid color may signal a need for change.

Radiator - It is important to maintain your cooling system. Add half part water to half part engine coolant to keep your car in shape.

Brakes – Brake fluid should only get low if there is a leak. The brake fluid levels should be at least two-thirds full at all times.

If you have questions or concerns about your Interstate Ford vehicle or the fluid levels you should be maintaining, stop in at our dealership and ask our pros for help.

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Checking Your Fluid Levels Key To Good Maintenance Says Interstate Ford Pros

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This article was published on 2010/12/01