Picking The Right Windshield Wiper Fluid

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Due to the variety of vehicles, there are quite a few different types of fluids for windshield wiper. If the fluid is not fit your vehicles, the system may be damaged or the windshild wiper can fail to perform optimally. You do not need an auto mechanic to check the windshield-wiper fluid level and to pick the right one. We cannot over emphasize how important it is to check the level of fluid for your windshield. In case of harsh weather, a properly running windshield may be the difference between life and death. Failure to check the windshield wiper fluid level may cause damage to the wiper due to excessive friction. A properly functioning windshield wiper will help you wash off residual rain and acid which can create stains on the windshield. A properly running windshield wiper will also help you keep the windscreen without having to go to the car wash.


You should check the level of your windshield wiper fluid at least once a month. The fluid is readily available from car accessory shops and many other sources, but you can also order online in bulk if you want convenience and if you want to keep prices down. To pick the right windshield-wiper fluid, go through your car manual. If you do not have an owner manual for one reason or the other, go to the website of the manufacturer and check the type of fluid you should you use for your particular windshield in relation to the model of your car.


The choice of fluid is also determined by the time of the year. Go for the anti-freezing version of your wiper fluid during winter months. You should also consider the environment under which you will be driving such as oils, grease, and smoke. When checking your fluid, make sure the engine is turned off. Go through the car owner manual to decipher where the windshield fuel reservoir is located. Open the hood by pulling the hood release lever that is usually under the dash and by squeezing on the latch on the front underside of the hood. Locate the windshield-wiper fluid reservoir. This is usually a plastic jug that is filled with a blue fluid which is the windshield washer. Note that the washer fluid should not be mixed with other things such as detergents. The reservoir, which is the size of a shot glass, will be shut with a click-down lid in most cars.


Note that many people confuse the reservoir for fluid for the windshield wiper with the coolant reservoir. To differentiate between the two, note that the windshield-wiper fluid reservoir has a hose that leads towards the windshield while the coolant reservoir has a hose that leads towards the radiator. Flip the cap open and look at the level of the fluid. The level is considered to be low if the reservoir is less than 3/4 full. There is a fill line that is printed in the jug in most vehicles. Top up to the top of the jug. You should make sure you fasten the reservoir lid properly using the click-down mechanism. This will prevent spillage of the fluid. If you are forced to top up the fluid frequently, you should note that this might be an indication of a leak and you may need to replace the unit.


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Picking The Right Windshield Wiper Fluid

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This article was published on 2010/03/30